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Aten - Online Translation Agency offers "English into Russian" and "Russian into English" text translation services.

Would you like to do business with the Russian-language countries? Then, our agency is your right choice. Translation of your documents and texts into Russian will be performed by the native speaking translators, so it is a guarantee your texts will be correctly localized for the target audience and it will make the translated documents even more attractive. Thanks to the Internet, you will be able to participate in intensive correspondence with your business partners. Moreover, you will benefit from the difference in price. Employment of the own translator will cost you much more than the service of our agency.

Exclusively online service is a speciality of our agency. So, even from your work desk you can:

  • order the translation of the text
  • submit the text you want to be translated
  • pay for the translation
  • download the translated version of your text

The service of our agency will give you an opportunity to:

  • save your time - for example, you've just received an e-mail that require an urgent reply. To translate this letter you will have to leave your work desk, find a translation agency (probably, you will even have to go out of the building), spend time talking to the receptionist, etc. If you don't want to waste your time, remember that Internet offers much more time-efficient solution to this problem.
  • save your money - minimization of the non manufacturing expenses and optimization of the translators' workload enabled us to bring down the price, while leaving the quality at the same level.

If you have already decided to place an order with us, then fill in the order form.

But if you are not sure yet, you can simply check the work of our system. After all, the minimum order can be as small as 5 letters.

To place an order with us you need to proceed as follows:

  • open an original document using any text editing program, highlight the text you want to be translated and copy it into the clipboard (many programs allow the use of the following keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl A (to highlight the whole text), Ctrl C (to copy the text into the clipboard)
  • paste the text in the order form (you can use Ctrl V shortcut)
  • all other fields of the order form are optional and you are not required to fill them in.
  • click on the SUBMIT button. After this you will receive the key to access the report page
  • pay for your order (you can do it at this stage or later). To make a payment later you will need to go to the report page and type in the code of your order.
  • we will notify you by e-mail that your order is completed and ready for collection. You can download the translation of your document on the report page, using the DOWNLOAD button.
  • also, you can use the report page to check the progress of your order.

Don't worry if you give us the incorrect e-mail address or forget to specify it. You will be able to download your translation by typing in the code of your order. Unfortunately, in this case we won't be able to notify you that your order is completed, so you will need to periodically visit the report page to check whether the work is completed.

In addition to the translation services, we offer you the range of opportunities to earn money, more details...

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