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Our terms and conditions:

  • we guarantee, that all information, that is sent to us by our customers, and also all our translations are treated as confidential information.
  • we accept the texts written in English or Russian.
  • we don't accept texts with illustrations
  • we don't translate the special symbols, as they are interpreted as the symbols of language, that is different from English and Russian languages.
  • if the text contains both English and Russian symbols or words, we will translate it only to English or only to Russian, subject to the dominant language of the given order; the calculation of the cost of such orders is based on the size of the whole original text
  • all abbreviations, shortened words and special terms, that are not explained in the "Customer's comments" field, will be translated in accordance with transliteration rules
  • we don't process the orders, that haven't been paid for
  • if your order can't be accepted, your payment received by agency will be refunded, except percentage paid to the payment systems to process the initial payment and the refund
  • if you specify your e-mail address at the time of the registration of the order, we will notify you by e-mail that your order is ready for collection; otherwise, it is responsibility of the customer to check whether the order is ready. You can keep yourself informed about the state of your order if you visit the report page periodically. To access the information about your order you have to enter the code you received at the time of the registration of the order.
  • the order is considered to be completed when the customer has pressed the DOWNLOAD button located on the report page
  • the order is considered to be completed if the customer hasn't collected the translation within 40 days from the day the notification had been sent.
  • When the order is completed, the original and translation are being kept in the database of the agency for at least 40 days. During this time it can be redownloaded. If you need to redownload your order, enter its code.
  • the delays in completion of the order are possible, if you place an order at the weekends; the duration of the delay won't exceed the duration of the weekends.
  • in addition to the text documents, we accept the documents in the following formats: Microsoft Office (doc, xls), Open Office - Star Office, RTF, HTML, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, which you can submit via e-mail.
  • the translated documents that were submitted in Microsoft Office (doc, xls), Open Office - Star Office, RTF, HTML formats will be returned in the same format they were submitted in
  • if the document is submitted in HTML format, we will translate both the text and the text content of tags.
  • translation of documents submitted in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG formats will be returned as unformatted text.
  • we don't accept multi-page and animated graphic files
  • the size of the document submitted via e-mail must not exceed 1 Mb.
  • you can submit the zipped file in ZIP format.

Customer is obligated:

  • do not break the law of his/her country of residence.
  • do not violate the rights of others, including the intellectual property rights.

The time needed to complete the order can be calculated using the table below. Time needed to complete the order doesn't include the time required to e-mail the original text and translation:

Size of the order, pages in total (1 page - 1800 characters) Completion time
1page 1 hour
10 pages 24 hours
240 pages 1 month

Note: the actual completion time may differ from the time specified above, if you place your order at the weekends.

If you need to speed up the translation of the large text, you can divide the order on few smaller parts. In this case the order will be translated by few translators. But, at the same time you need to understand that if your text will be translated by different people, it can negatively affect the uniformity of terms. So, this method is not recommended for the important texts.

Complaints about translations are accepted only if you prove that translation doesn't correspond to the special requirements you have specified in the Customer's comments field.

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