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Aten - Online translation agency offers not only the range of translation services, it gives you an opportunity to earn money.

You can use one of the following methods that is best for you:

  • if you have one or more sites, you can become our affiliate. It will give you an opportunity to earn percentage from each order placed by the person referred by you.
  • we can help you even if you have only the desire to earn money. Read the paragraphs below to find out how.

Thanks to automation of all our nonmanufacturing processes and geographical expansion of customers and translators, we were able to lower our prices down to 4.3 USD for a standard page, subject to the certain conditions. To find out more about our prices, visit our price page. In any off-line translation agency the same quality translation will cost you 4...6$.

Moreover, we are able to process the small orders so quickly that the translator on your staff may be successfully replaced by the service of our agency.

However, we have some restrictions:

  • payment methods restrictions
  • we accept only non-formatted text

It gives you an opportunity to organize your own business based on:

  • variety of payment methods
  • preparation of formatted texts for translation and for returning them back to the customer
  • acceptance of orders via e-mail and on the paper
  • there are many other ways you can enhance our service and to benefit from it, everything depends on your imagination

Don't forget, you will be able to set prices by yourself, while Internet and our services will help you to minimize your expenses .

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